Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers

Essential Sketch Plugins for Designers

In this post I’ll walk you through a few of my favourite Sketch plugins that I love using to help you improve your workflow and make you a more efficient designer.

Sketch Toolbox

Firstly, I recommend downloading and installing Sketch Toolbox, a great little Mac app for quickly searching and installing plugins. Next to each plugin name you can also click on View on Github to read release notes and instructions.


Sketch Palettes

Colours have never been this important in design. That’s why it’s crucial to have a well-curated palette to start with. Sketch Palettes lets you easily save and import palettes for both global and document colours. I started a palette using iOS, Material Design and Flat UI colours.

Icon Fonts

Icon Fonts lets you choose from thousands of icons from Font Awesome, Ionicons and Material icons. You can browse, search and insert icons as text and Convert to outlines.

Magic Mirror

Presentation has always played a big part in my workflow. Like a nice icon, it shows the care that went into the app. It gives people a story before they jump in. Apple is famous for presenting beautiful photography and mockups in 3D. I used to rely on Photoshop to do that sort of image editing, but with Magic Mirror, you can achieve the same results in Sketch.

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Find and Replace

Making typos happens to the best of us. With Find and Replace, you search through all the text layers and replace keywords instantly.

Content Generator

Content Generator lets you generate random content, whether that be people’s names, addresses, profile pictures, photos - you name it, making it extremely useful for populating designs.

Dynamic Button

Sketch Dynamic Button allows you to create buttons with a fixed padding, no matter how long the text is, just like with CSS.


Prototyping tools like InVision, Flinto, Framer and Principle all have their own Sketch integration. Marvel’s Sketch plugin is a favourite of mine as you can export all your artboards to Marvel in seconds ready to share your mobile and web prototypes to clients.


Zeplin takes style guides to the next level, with rapid collaborations between designers and developers for both Mac and Windows. The best part is that assets and comments are embedded and changes are shown in real-time. All you need to do is to export your Artboards and let Zeplin do the rest!

Sketch to App Store

If you design or develop for iOS then this plugin is a god send. Sketch to App Store takes your screenshot and creates a simple but completely customisable template, allowing you to export 45 screenshot images, all in JPG format ready to upload to iTunes Connect. A huge time saver.

Material Design Colour Palette

Material Design Colour Palette is superb for displaying various Google Material Design colour palettes.

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