How to fix missing fonts in Sketch

How to fix missing fonts in Sketch

Occasionally you may open up a Sketch file and immediately see the some fonts in the document are missing warning. The reason for this is the original creator of the file has used fonts that you don’t have installed on your Mac.

At this point you have two options:

1) You could select Open Anyway… but you’ll have a potential problem as all missing fonts will be replaced with Lucida Grande and you may experience both alignment and line-height issues, which is far from ideal.

2) Secondly you could close the Sketch file, search and install the missing fonts, and then reopen the file, but this is quite time consuming.

From my experience a lot of the missing fonts I have encountered in Sketch files have been Google Fonts. At the time of writing there are 703 font families on Google Fonts, all open source and extremely popular with designers too.

However, I stumbled upon this excellent script, this week, which allows you to download and install all Google Fonts, thus reducing the likelihood of the missing fonts warning message appearing next time.

Fire up Terminal and enter the following command:

curl | sh

This should fix a lot of the missing fonts warning messages for you and allow you to get back to what you do best, designing in Sketch!

Neil Berry

Senior UX Designer @cafonline. Previously Senior Designer @newsfromfta. I blog about UX, design, and the latest tech.

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