CAF website redesign

We were shortlisted at the UX UK Awards 2018 in the categories Best User Experience and Best Effect On Business Goals, which is about impact on business as a result of improved user experience. Read more in my blog post

What I did

  • Together with my UX agency, we ran several workshops to understand the products and services offered by CAF for individuals and charities template designs for CAF to build content for.
  • Created the new information architecture of charities and individuals tabs.
  • Mapped out the content that needed to be created or updated for each page in order to communicate the page goals as expressed in the stakeholder workshop & meetings.
  • Presentation and review of content structure with stakeholders.
  • Created the designs for key pages to visualise the new structure and content requirements
  • Designed templates for the section landing page, listing pages & product pages.
  • User tested of redesigned pages and analysis of results.

Mapping out the pain points and customer needs for our Investment proposition

Designing the personas for a particular section of the site.

Capturing the goals of each page

What the new sitemap achieved

  • Simplify and provide clear steps for each user journey
  • Help improve understanding of what CAF offers for individuals that is, a comprehensive offering of products for donors, including high/ultra high net worth individuals
  • Improve awareness and understanding of products
  • Help cross-sell related products
  • Be scalable for future products
  • Be SEO friendly in order to increase traffic to the site
  • To help people find what they are looking for

Charities tab testing

We wanted to understand how users navigate around the charities section of the website and determine if the website helps them find products or services of interest to their charity. Could they understand how clear terms and labels are: e.g., loans or borrowing? Could they understand what they can do from the product/service pages. E.g., sign up or contact us.  Coudl they understand the key words that users use to look for products and services.

We also wanted to determine whether the content aligned to users’ needs and contained enough detail to trigger a next step i.e. download application, contact team. We found out what needed to be added, amended or removed and how well the participant understood our offering based on use of the website.

  • There was 6 user testing sessions with people from our target audience (we worked with specialist recruiters to source participants).
  • Participants explored and used the charities section of the Charities Aid Foundation website ( We observed their behaviour and asked further questions to probe their decision making as they interacted with the stimulus.
  • I wrote and designed the user testing questions and tasks following discussions with the team at CAF.
  • I facilitated one-to-one user testing sessions where we watched users interact with our site, eliciting focused and unbiased responses

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