Donation journey redesign

  • 10% increase in mobile traffic of donations made online.
  • 22% increase number of donations made online
  • All of this helped manage donations of £505 million for the year at the end of April 2018.
  • 75% funnel conversion rate after the first two months of launching
  • Donations online for Sport Relief 2018 (first big charity day since launch) – 285 donations on the day in total.
  • 36% used mobile devices to make a donation on the day (+20% on previous week and +6% on previous Sport Relief Day in 2016)
  • 845 emails were issued for sponsorship just 2 months after launch. This feature was only available for CAF account holders, not for ad-hoc donations, which makes it even more impressive.

The challenge

Our donors used to consistently feedback that it was easier to use vouchers or call customer services to make a donation – one reason being the poor user journey. I enhanced the UX, providing a responsive solution and made it easier for donors to give. Having an intuitive digital experience is something donors now expect, with younger donors almost exclusively only use online.

There had been significant investment in online donation journeys / online platforms from both individual giving competitors and direct charities.

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