What's new for designers: August 2017

What's new for designers: August 2017

What a busy August it’s been, hope you all had a great summer. Here’s just some of the highlights.

Shiny new things

Figma 2.0

Figma’s latest update brings significant new features: Prototyping and Developer Handoff. You can now create simple prototypes connecting screens and with developer hand-off you can share files with view-only access to developers, who will see a code tab in the properties panel for inspecting styles and precise measurements.

Principle 3.0

Principle just released a big update, adding the ability to send events from a component to its parent, or vice versa. You can even have one component trigger animations in another component. Another update is the ability to control colour in the drivers, lockable layers, improvements to sketch import, and much more.


A secure, version-controlled hub for your design files. It’s now an essential part of my design workflow.

Design Better

A great trove of wisdom & war stories from design leaders, with free books and a series of podcasts by Aaron Walter and the fine folks at InVision. The resources are perfect for both designers that are just getting started and seasoned product designers.

Visual inspector

A Chrome extension for designers to make temporary edit in websites without coding.

Apple’s Augmented Reality Design Guidelines

Clear indications on how to create a great experience in AR.

Freehand from InVision

An online whiteboard used to collaborate in InVision. Great for wireframing, ideas, design presentations, and feedback.


A gallery of real content ready to populate your mockups. It has lots of data types such as addresses, countries, books, dates and even dinosaurs if you need them. So useful!

Typekit: serve web fonts without JavaScript

Huge news! You can now add Typekit fonts to your web site using only CSS.

A big August update for Adobe XD

XD is getting better all the time and this month’s release focuses on making design in XD more scalable with the newly updated Assets Panel and support for Creative Cloud Libraries.

Sketch stuff

Libraries will be coming soon in Sketch 47!

The best design happens when designers collaborate together. With Libraries, designers can soon share Symbols across documents and have them update to be always kept in sync.

Marvel for Sketch

Redesigned and super charged with some great new features that reduce the clicks needed to get stuff done. They’ve added an upload queue so you can see exactly what is uploading and when. Once the upload is complete you can copy the link to your screen directly from the dropdown.

Calendar generator

An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to generate a 7 column calendar for any month. It’s amazing!

Sketch Material

Sketch material is a sketch plugin that will help you generate complex material components like tables, chips and forms. Time saver alert!

Neil Berry

Senior UX Designer @cafonline. Previously Senior Designer @newsfromfta. I blog about UX, design, and the latest tech.

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