Neil Berry

Senior UX Designer at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

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My UX toolkit and approach

Discovery and planning

User research to get inside the customer's shoes to understand their needs, their goals, behaviour and what motivates them, and to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Skills: Metrics & analytics, persona development, stakeholder and end-user interviews, UX audits & analysis, competitive reviews, usability testing, experience mapping and user flows


Sketching to get very basic concepts on paper and quickly visualise ideas, as well as brainstorming with clients and teammates. Refining the concept further by creating a series of wireframes to illustrate the screens and user flow.

Skills: Information architecture, sketching, wireframing, process and task diagrams

Design and prototype

Detailed visual designs for each page designed in Sketch, and clickable prototypes created, using tools such as Marvel or hand-coded HTML, to test and validate how it will work and feel. Further improvement and iteration based on what we learn.

Skills: Design comps, detailed specifications, style and pattern guides, and prototyping

Implementation and analysis

Ensuring the design works for users and that it's implemented according to plan. Ongoing monitoring of key usage data to determine how people are using the product and to identify opportunities for future enhancement.

Skills: Metrics & analytics, usability testing, conversion rate optimisation and A/B testing

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