Neil Berry

Neil Berry

An experienced, curious, and versatile digital product designer.

Currently at Direct Line Group, designing for some of the UK’s best known brands including Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and Greenflag.

UX Design Consultant, 2021 - Current. One of the UK's largest insurance companies.

Two-factor authentication for a charity bank - sign up, authorising payments, managing users, verifying log in and settings.

CAF’s flagship giving platform, assisting individual donors with expert advice for their giving plans across the UK and internationally. Donations distributed to charities increased by more than 26% in 2021/22.

Designed for individuals paying tax in the US and UK looking for a smart, tax-effective way to achieve greater impact with their philanthropy. More than $1 billion donated since its creation. UX improvements increased the amount of donations reaching charities around the world.

Logistics UK’s in-house cutting-edge compliance platform, specifically designed to enable 17,000 member organisations to manage their driver and fleet compliance via a single portal.

About Neil Berry

Neil Berry

I'm Neil Berry, a curious and multi-disciplinary product designer with over 20 years of experience designing and building digital products for web and mobile platforms.My passion for design and creation started at university in 2003, where I built my very first website and began to teach myself how to code to bring my ideas to life. Design is at the heart of creating engaging and user-centred digital experiences. It didn't take me long to realise it drives business success too. I'm deeply passionate about the creative process and love understanding user's goals, motivations, and pain points and using this knowledge to inform my design decisions.With a unique blend of UX and front-end skills, I've held various UX roles in companies like Direct Line Group , Charities Aid Foundation - who send over £800m to charities each year, Logistics UK , and GE.I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent with my wife (and fellow UXer), Christine Berry, and our young son.

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